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Intellectual property rights for competitive advantage  

Where or when do good ideas come into existence; in the bath tub, at the kitchen sink, or whilst sleeping? Many possibilities exist. But most of all, they come into existence wherever a group of creative people work together. How many of those ideas already existed beforehand though? It's a good job that there are informed colleagues at hand who are able to tell you which ideas existed already. But what to do generally? The idea is at hand, but where is the patent attorney? This is where our concept steps in. It is called "Eipicon" and links IP (Intellectual Property) to consulting. In principle, the concept works like a zipper. On the one hand, there is the project team bubbling with ideas, on the other hand there are the patent attorneys of Müller & Schubert, in their role as IP experts. Together we co-operate with a single goal in mind: identifying, analyzing, evaluating and copyrighting actual ideas. In their role of continuous consultants, the IP experts smoothly and flexibly integrate into the structure of your company. As such, there is always someone looking over your shoulder: Are there any conflicts between the working results and intellectual property rights of other companies? Is one division still working on a project, the success of which is being celebrated by another? With "Eipicon", one saves time, money and resources whilst at the same time securing decisive competitive advantages.

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