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Mere necessity is not always the mother of invention, in some situations inventiveness is heightened by the call of nature. Some people need a quiet place for their inspiration. In Boston, in the year 1851, Elias Howe, having drunk a few Bourbons too many, was struggling with his trouser buttons by the light of a petrol lamp. The clever man rephrased this urgent problem to a simple question: "Can't this be any simpler or go any faster?" How can two parts of material be linked together and separated again as quickly as possible? Being a man of action, Howe immediately set about single-handedly attacking this problem. He drew and described the incipient shape of what later became the zipper and had it patented. The marketing was undertaken by others. Much money was made with it by others as well. And because every improvement is the natural enemy of the existing situation, over fifty different patrons registered patents totalling over 1.000 worldwide in the long history of the zipper. Why relate this story in the first place? Well; the process of the zipper's invention led to an idea on the part of the patent attorneys of Müller & Schubert.

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