A pioneering invention but no protection Protect your ideas – get profit out of it Intellectual property rights for competitive advantage Patent attorneys located in Munich and Berlin Expertise in all technical and legal matter International exchange of expert knowledge Two offices, one law firm
Patent attorneys located in Munich and Berlin  

As also flamingos will eventually come to learn, standing on two feet has its benefits. Müller & Schubert is equipped to provide you with the same stability. Uniting attorney competence between two offices (spaced by exactly 583 km) Müller & Schubert is prepared to assist in all technical, scientific and legal fields of intellectual property.

As such, everything is quite simple; Simple for you because irrespective of your location, the professionals at Müller & Schubert are within reach and can keep the path to the main seat of the German Patent and Trademark Office, and the European Patent Office in Munich, as well as to the embassies and consulates of Berlin short and accessible for you. It’s easy!

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